Rope Access

ESPRAT has been a full and active Operator and Training company of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) since 2002 and has been deploying Rope Access Technicians to some of the most remote places around the globe throughout that time. Our Technicians are selected for their core maintenance skills/qualifications and then introduced to the working at height environment. This strategy allows us the strategic advantage of being able to provide high quality, cost efficient and safe services both on the ground and in some of the most difficult to reach areas of your facility.

Most importantly for our clients, the technique allows rapid deployment and dismantling of the access system which will cause minimal disruption to their operation.

Benefit: Why use Rope Access over Scaffolding?

When you require maintenance or inspections at height on any structure above 5m, there are usually only two options available for access: scaffolding hire or a rope access service provider. There are costs that are involved with any kind of maintenance, so it’s important to look at the two options carefully to see why rope access is so much more affordable.

Cost of Materials

If scaffolding is going to be used, then a large part of the quote will involve high equipment rental and manpower costs. There are also bedding constraints, deck space, manual handling (potential strains) and subsistence expenses to be considered. Not only that, once the scaffolding is in place, only then can the maintenance or trades persons gain access. When ESPRAT gives a quote, however, there are no hidden expenses to consider besides the cost of the technicians, rope access equipment and the materials for doing the job. In simple terms, you get safe high access and qualified maintenance technicians in one. As a result, the costs are considerably lower. With scaffolding, the higher from the ground the scope of work is, the more expensive it gets. With ESPRAT, the costs don’t escalate since equipment and manpower rates are fixed. In short, the higher the elevation of work, the more attractive rope access becomes.

Time Costs Money

The longer a job takes; the more money it costs the business. This may not directly correlate with the quote but more in the inconvenience. If a job takes a month because of scaffolding and other problems, it becomes an obstruction for clients. As a result, business may be lost during the times that maintenance is taking place. When ESPRAT are used, the technicians are on ropes safely anchored to a fixed point. Rather than working from the ground up, they work from top to bottom. This means that there’s no interference for people on the ground level, so it’s business as usual. Rope access is the more cost-efficient way to handle maintenance because there is simply less equipment and inconvenience and this is reflected in the bottom line of a quote. Instead, you save money and get a safer, higher quality end result.